Learn French

Master French GCSE

Our French GCSE tuition sessions will improve your confidence to speak French, your grammar knowledge, your listening comprehension skills and you will produce writing to a very advanced level.

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French Private Lessons

Learn French with us. We offer one-to-one or small group lessons for private students and corporate clients with a fully qualified, experienced, native French teacher via zoom. Specialising in exam preparation, for school, work or pleasure.

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French Conversation Class

In our French conversation class, you can practise your French speaking skills, enrich your vocabulary, increase your grammatical accuracy and feel more confident when speaking on holiday or when dealing with your property in France.

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French Beginner Class

Our French Beginner Classes are perfect to give you a good basis for the language and enable you to be more comfortable when on holiday. It’s a conversation-based course and will increase your confidence speaking the language, whilst also having fun.