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This was only my second visit but just like last time I thoroughly enjoyed it. Carole is an excellent teacher and manages to keep things rolling with all different levels of students simultaneously. It was also great to be with people of no longer School age like at the colleges. Excellent "work sheets", - Pauline Greenwood, French Conversation Class student

"I can't think of an area of French which my lessons have not helped to improve. However, I think that my grammar and my pronunciation have probably seen the most improvement. Now I am also much better at 'sounding more French'- avoiding too literal translations which don't make sense and even learning some idioms. Occasionally you even help me with English spelling and grammar. As it is your first language, obviously the 'rules' of French are instinctive for you, however you really know how to explain everything to me from an English perspective and are extremely patient. I appreciate how focused and thorough you are. I feel that we accomplish a lot in each session and you always listen to what I need and tailor our lessons to suit that. I like that alongside my work, I always have my 'verbs and vocabulary' file open, to which I add the new vocabulary and grammar that I come across in whatever exercise we are doing. These make great revision aids towards exam time.

I think lessons on Skype are great. Firstly, it is thanks to Skype that I have the opportunity to have tutoring with you at all, as we live in different cities. Secondly, I think that using Skype is a very efficient and convenient way of tutoring. The 'share screen' function allows you to see my work at the same time as me so you can check and critique everything as we go along. Using the computer also allows us to access online resources during the lesson- such as listening exercises and online newspapers ect. As a bonus, you have also taught me lots of ICT tips and tricks." - Charlotte Stella, French student on Skype

In my opinion, Carole has helped me so much, my grades have improved dramatically. I am now a lot more confident in my French lessons at school - Jessica Whitehead (GCSE student)

"Carole is punctual, well prepared, and a very experienced Tutor. "I always look forward to my next lesson, and would recommend Carole to any age group. 5 star" - Doreen (60+ Spanish student on Skype who moved to Spain)

"French was a subject I really struggled with at school. Thanks to your teaching methods I have made great progress and feel a lot more confident when I have to speak French on holidays." - Michelle Turner (adult learner)

"Just to let you know Peter has had his A-level results today. I am really pleased to say that he got an A for his French A-level!" - Helen Kendall (Peter's Mum)

"Excellent- Carole is exceptionally professional and has helped my daughter in her understanding and work in German. In just two lessons, my daughter`s confidence has grown tremendously due to Carole`s experience, skill, knowledge and ability to mediate learning." - Sean Koon, Bethan's Mum, year 9 German pupil at BRGS (Bacup Rawtenstall Grammar School)

"Arrives on time. Very supportive. Good teacher." - Emma Smurthwaite, Thomas's Mum, year 11 French pupil at BRGS (Bacup Rawtenstall Grammar School)

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