German Private Lessons in Miami

Who are German Private Lessons in Miami for?

This is for you if…

  • You’re looking for German private lessons in Miami
  • You need to prepare for any kind of German exam
  • You are an adult looking to learn German to go on holiday in Germany
  • You have a house in Germany and you want to be able to communicate in German more easily
  • You want to use German at work
  • You are moving to a German-speaking country to live and/or work
  • You have an interest or passion in the German culture and language

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What you will get:

  • Tailor-made private lessons for any level by a qualified teacher who has lived in Germany
  • German lessons run at your pace with a range of learning materials
  • Lessons take place at a time that suits you
  • Lessons take place online
  • Increased confidence in your ability to speak German
  • Very effective teaching methods
  • Greater fluency and accuracy in the use of the language
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Your German tutor:

My name is Carole Palfreman. I am from Le Havre, Normandy. I have been teaching since 1999. I hold Qualified Teacher Status from Southampton University. I spent 8 years in the Southampton area teaching IT and Spanish before doing a little tour of Europe starting with 2 years in Switzerland teaching French in a language school there and spending 4 years north of Frankfurt in Germany. I am very passionate about languages and culture and love seeing my students make progress and I have been running my own language school in East Lancashire since 2014.



Carole has been incredible. I have gained much insight and understanding in German due to her tutelage, and she is very responsive to my queries and extremely capable in her explanations. She is always very well prepared and she knows the content of the course well. She breaks down the German language into manageable, learnable sizes. This makes the whole idea of learning a new language so much more accessible and a lot less scary. Carole has exceeded my expectations and beyond - her methods of teaching are organised, effective and easy to understand. She takes pride in her work and delievers a high standard of service all the time!

Bethan - German Pupil at Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School

Excellent- Carole is exceptionally professional and has helped my daughter in her understanding and work in German. In just two lessons, my daughter`s confidence has grown tremendously due to Carole`s experience, skill, knowledge and ability to mediate learning.

Parent of Year 9 German Pupil

I really enjoy our lessons, in particular I appreciate the variety of speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises which I feel have really deepened my understanding of the German language. The lessons are challenging and fun and have really helped me practically with my career.

Claire Ruth-Wyatt

The lessons really helped me to expand my vocabulary and I am much more confident about reading more complex pieces of German. The lessons also helped me to understand how German grammar works. I can write things into German more easily and I think that the lessons have helped me massively in studying GCSE German.